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Journal of Biological and Chemical Research
ISSN 0970-4973 (Print) | ISSN 2319-3077 (Online/Electronic)
(Published by Society for Advancement of Sciences®)

Volume 31 (2), July to December, 2014

List of Contents
Part B
1. Rice field Bulrush (Schoenoplectus mucronatus (L.) Palla) Evolved Multiple Resistances to Propanil and Bensulfuron Herbicides.
By Ibrahim S. Abdallah, Alejandro Garcia, and Albert J. Fischer.
View & Download | 788-799


2. Energy and Protein Retention of Local Rabbit Housed in Different Cages.
By I. M. Nuriyasa, I.M. Mastika, I.G. Mahardika, I.W. Kasa and I G. Ag. I. Aryani.
View & Download | 800-807


3. Pathogenicity of Some Fungal Pathogens Isolated from Infested Weed Flora and in vitro Studies as Bio control Agents.
By P.K. Ratna Kumar, G. Gaddeyya, D. Sandhya Deepika and P. Bharathi.


4. Optimizing Microbial Protein Synthesis in the Rumen through Supplementation with Vitamin and Mineral in Ration Based on King Grass to increase Bali Cattle Productivity.
By Ida Bagus Gaga Partama, I. Gusti Lanang Oka Cakra, and A.A. Ayu Trisnadewi.
View & Download | 822-840


5. Production and Characterization of an Extracellular Alkaline Lipase by Bacillus Sp and Lactobacillus Sp using Submerged Fermentation with Agricultural Wastes.
By Santhi K., Sathyabama N., Sankareswaran M., Anbalagan S., Saravanan A.K., Selvan M., Shahitha S., Radhakrishnan N.
View & Download | 841-853


6. A Study on Eco-Physiology of Spirulina in Relation to Some Environmental Parameters.
By Sunita Verma, M.K.Saikia, DivyaTiwari, Ajay Verma, Rita Boruah and Farhana Begum.
View & Download | 854-860


7. Isolation and Characterization of Some Drug Resistant Bacteria from Drinking Water Samples in Barasat, West Bengal.
By Nirmalendu Das, Priyanka Sharma, Debayan Dey, Subhra Pal, Aritri Das, Benudhar Mandal and Narayan Chandra Karmakar.
View & Download | 861-868


8. Biobeneficial Spectrum of Halophyte Plant Avicennia marina as a Second Generation of Bioethanol Production.
By Abdel Ghany T. M., Nadeem I. Elhussieny and Abdel Rhaman M.A. Shater.
View & Download | 869-881


9. A Review on Lactic Acid Bacteria in Indigenous Traditionally Fermented Camel Milk of Ethiopia.
By Estifanos Hawaz.
View & Download | 882-890


10. Some Physico-Chemical Properties and Microbiological Quality of Honey Sold in Jimma Town, Southwestern Ethiopia.
By Gadisa Natea and Delelegn Woyessa.
View & Download | 891-900


11. Assessment of Prebiotic Roles of Musa paradisiaca (Plantain) Peels for Controlling Spread of Salmonella and other Infectious Disease Agents by Broilers.
By Boniface N. Ukwah, Ifeoma M. Ezeonu, Emmanuel A. Eze and Joseph O. Uguru.
View & Download | 901-911


12. Effects of Methanol Fractions of Basella alba L. (Basellaceae) on TM3 Leydig Cells Steroidogenesis.
By Sara Nathalie Beboy Edjenguele, Edouard Akono Nantia, Faustin Pascal Tsague Manfo, Giovanni Vidari, Paul Moundipa Fewou, and Thomas K. Monsees.
View & Download | 912-922


13. Antibacterial effects of Alcoholic Extract of Scrophularia striata on Acinetobacter baumannii.
By Jasem Mohamadi, Mohamad Reza Havasian, Jafar Panahi, Iraj Pakzad and Arezo Judaki.
View & Download | 923-928


14. Enhanced Defence Enzyme Activity by Seed Treatment with Partially Purified ns-LTPs in Pearl Millet against Downy Mildew Disease.
By S. Manjula, M. Murali, M.C. Thriveni and K.N. Amruthesh.
View & Download | 929-941


15. HPLC Analysis of in vitro Raised Plants of Murraya koenigii.
By Bhanwar Lal Jat, Ramesh Joshi, C. R. Choudhary and Raaz K Maheshwari.
View & Download | 942-952


16. Effect of Zn and Cu Application on Growth, Yield and Biochemical Responses of Wheat Plants (Triticum aestivum L. cv-PBW-343).
By Ram Kumar, Pankaj Giri, Shomendra Singh and Yogesh Kumar Sharma.
View & Download | 953-961


17. Effects of N and K Fertilizer on Growth, Nutritional value, Nutrient uptake and Yield Attributes of Fluted pumpkin telfairia occidentalis in South-western Nigeria.
By Modupeola, T.O., Olaniyi, J.O., Egbekunle, K.O. and Olasehinde, O.C.
View & Download | 962-969


18. Toxic Effects of Chromium on Growth and Metabolism of Oryza sativa (Rice) Plants.
By P.K. Tandon and Akash Vikram.
View & Download | 970-985


19. Role of Mercury Resistance (mer) Operon in Bioremediation of Mercury Contamination.
By Gaurav Jaiswal and Shalini Porwal.
View & Download | 986-997

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