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Journal of Biological and Chemical Research

ISSN 0970-4973 (Print) | ISSN 2319-3077 (Online/Electronic)
(Published by Society for Advancement of Sciences®)
Volume 36 (1) Part A, January to June, 2019
1. Quantum Chemical Studies for Inhibitory Action of 3-hydroxy-benzo [d] Isoxazole Tautomers on Steel and Thermodynamic, Non-linear Optical Properties (NLO) using of Density Functional Theory Method (DFT)
By - Ashutosh Kumar, Anjali Pandey and Anil Mishra


2. Synthesis, Spectroscopic Analysis of 4-formyl-2-methoxyphenyl 3,4,5-trimethoxybenzoate, a Novel Gallic Acid Conjugate and their Chemical Reactivity , non Linear Optical Property and Intramolecular Interaction by Quantum Chemical Calculations
By - Sangeeta Srivastava, Nadeem Ahmad Ansari and Sadaf Aleem


3. Detection of DNA Crosslinking, A Direct Comparison Between Alkaline Comet Assay and DNA Diffusion Assay
By - Anish Nag and Anita Mukherjee


4. Synthesis and Characterization of Macrocyclic Complexes Co(III) with Oxa-amine and α-diketone
By - Mithlesh Agrawal and Mamta

5. Synthesis of 3,4,6,7,8,9-hexahydro-1H-cyclohepta-pyrimidin-2(5H)- one Derivatives by one pot, three Component Reaction and their Antimicrobial Activity
By - Huda Parveen, Abha Bishnoi, Sunil Kumar, Ankita Srivastava and Krishna Srivastava


6. Bacterial Diversity in Nodules and Rhizosphere of a Chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) Grownin Saline and Non-Saline Soils
By - Kholida Kamiljanovna Ruzimova and Kakhramon Davranov


7. Improvement of Plant Growth, Nodulation and Yield of Сommon Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) by Microbiological Preparations
By - Dilfuza Jabborova, Saidmurot Baboev, Kakhramon Davranov and Zafar Jabbarov


8. Design, Synthesis and Biological Activity of α- and β-Cyclodextrin Dendrimers with Ciprofloxacin as Surface Moiety: A Study of Sustained Relax of Drugs
By - J. Dhevaraj, V. Ramya, S. Pazhamalai and M. Gopalakrishnan


9. Bioactive Constituents in Pulses- A Healthy way to Combat Cancer
By - Azra Anjum, Humaira Farooqi, Ather Masoodiand Ashok Kumar Tiwari


10. Comparative Assessment of Four Toxic Heavy Metals Occurring in the River Beds of Ganga at Three Major Cities of U.P., India
By - Saqib Ul Kalam, Fauzia Naushin and Fareed Ahmad Khan


11. Effect of Simulated Acid Rain and Root-knot Nematode on Plant Growth, Yield and some Biochemical Substances in Pumpkin Crop
By - Gufran Ahmad and Abrar A. Khan


12. Theoretical Study of Triphenyl Amine-based Dyes with Different Linker Groups for Dye-sensitised Solar Cells
By - Anjali Pandey, Ashutosh Kumarand Anil Mishra
View & Download | 102-110


13. Studies on Antibacterial and Antioxidant Activities of Moringa oleifera Lam.
By - Rachna Kumari, Anand Sagar and Ved Prakash
View & Download | 111-123


14. Expression of Anti-Oxidative activity in Mustard under the Influence of Cadmium Stress
By - Pankaj Kanaujia and Yogesh Kumar Sharma
View & Download | 124-136


15. Computation of Thermodynamic, Thermophysical and Thermoacoustical Properties of Liquid Metals Using Sonic Speed and Density Data
By - Subhash Chandra Shrivastava, Shekhar Srivastava, Rupali Sethi and J. D. Pandey
View & Download | 137-143

16. Amylase Enzyme Activity of Bacteria from Ginger Crop Soils in Hunsur Taluk, Karnataka
By - Jayashankar M., Mohammed Ali Saeed and S. Ningaraju
View & Download | 144-150

17. In vitro Anti-oxidant Activity of Various Extracts of Terminalia catappa leaves and Terminalia chebula fruits
By - P. Punniyakotti, A. Vijaya Anand, S. Suba Rani and S. Velayuthaprabhu
View & Download | 151-156

18. Structure Elucidation of Novel Trisaccharide Isolated from Donkey’s Milk
By - Pushpraj Singh, Nitin Kumar Gupta and Desh Deepak
View & Download | 157-163

19. Groundwater of the Shoul water table in the Region of Rabat-Sale-Kenitra
By - Hamdan Abderrahim and Chaouch Abdelaziz
View & Download | 164-172

20. Genetic Variation, Heritability and Genotype X Environment Interaction of Yield and Various Agronomic Traits of Hybrid Coffee (Coffea arabica L.) Genotypes Grown under Highland Environments in South-Western Ethiopia
By - Fekadu Tefera, Sentayehu Alamerew and Dagne Wegary
View & Download | 173-183

21. Antioxidant Activities, Thin Layer Chromatographic Analysis and GCMS Analysis ofCapsicum annuum L.: A Comparison of Green and Red Chilli
By - K. Saraswathi, C. Sivaraj and P. Arumugam
View & Download | 184-197

22. Characteristics of N+-DTT in Water and Aqueous Maltose Solutions at 303ºK
By - Sunil Prakash Singh, Minu Saigal and A. Singh
View & Download | 198-201

23. Awesomeness of Various types of Yoga and their Ubiquitous Benefits for Healthcare
By - Neelam Joshi and Manish Joshi
View & Download | 202-213
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