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Journal of Biological and Chemical Research

ISSN 0970-4973 (Print) | ISSN 2319-3077 (Online/Electronic)
(Published by Society for Advancement of Sciences®)
Volume 36 (1) Part C, January to June, 2019
1. Role of Macrophytes in reducing the Bacterial Load in two Water Bodies of Different Tropic Status
By - Manglesh Kumar and Ashwani Wanganeo


2. Meat Quality of Spent Ducks Fed Fermented and Unfermented Papaya Leaf Meal in the Ration
By - Ni Made Suci Sukmawati, I Nyoman Ardika and Ni Wayan Siti


3. The Effect of Fermented Sauropus Androgynus Leaf Extract in Drinking Water of Laying Hens on Egg roduction and Egg Cholesterol
By - I Gusti Ngurah Budi Raharja,


4. Bioactive Compounds of Mansoa alliacea Leaf Extract has Potential as Botanical Pesticides to Control Colletotrichum acutatum against Anthracnose Disease on Chili Pepper
By - Sang Ketut Sudirga, I Ketut Ginantra and Ida Bagus Gde Darmayasa

5. Use of MSG (Mono Sodium Glutamate) as Fertilizer in Kale Plants (Brasicca oleraceae var, Acephala)
By - Luh Komang Sulasmini Mudra and Yohanes Parlindungan Situmeang


6. Provision of Saccharomyces Cereviseae Probiotics in Rice Bran-Based Rations on the Performance of Balinese Duckling (Anas sp)
By - Ida Bagus Gaga Partama and I.G.N.G. Bidura


7. Production of Lipase Enzyme by Aspergillus oryzae using Fishery Waste
By - D. Sindhuja, K. Bhanumathi, G. Arunkumar and P. Arokiamary


8. Serum Pattern of Circulating Leptin during Menstrual Cycle: Relationship to Estradiol and Progesterone
By - Jana Chakrabarti


9. Comparative Analysis of Essential Oil Extracted from Scent Leaf "Ocimum gratissimum" by Cold and Soxhlet Extraction Methods
By - C. S. Okafor and N. C. Muoto


10. Variation and Genotype X Environment Interaction for Quality Characters among Selected Coffee Hybrids under Mid-Lowland Environments in Ethiopia
By - Fekadu Tefera, Sentayehu Alamerew and Dagne Wegary


11. Estimation of Hepatitis B virus Antibody Titer due to Vaccination among Medical field professionals in Khartoum State
By - Waseem Sameer Kwami and Omer Elbassri Elmakki


12. Identification of four different Chlorophyll Allomers of Nostoc sp. by Liquid Chromatography-Mass pectrometer (LC-MS)
By - Bahareh Nowruzi and Jouni Jokela


13. Isolation of a Phosphate Solubilising Comamonas Sp from Rhizosphere Soil of Vigna vexillata
By - Vijitha, P.A. Sajudeen and I.C. Nair


14. Potential Area Analysis of Nusa Penida Island for Native Pig Farming Development
By - Putri, B.R.T, I.N. Suparta, N.M.S. Sukmawati, N.L.G. Sumardani and James Hellyward


15. Financial Feasibility of Bali Pig Breeding Farm in Nusa Penida Island, Bali, Indonesia
By - I.W. Budiartha and B.R.T. Putri

16. Study on Water Analysis in Ponds in the Sabang Block Areas (W.B) India
By - Uttam Kumar Maji, Ranajit Kumar Khalua and Kartik Maiti

17. Characterization of Cuscuta reflexa Silver Nanoparticle and its Amelioration effect on Waste Water Treatment
By - Devadoss and Periasamy Dharmalingam
View & Download | 107-115

18. Screening of Terminalia bellirica, Aegle marmelos, Adhatoda vasica extract for better control of Escherichia coli and Staphylo coccus aureus isolated from Urinary Tract Infection
By - Vinita Turkar, Arun Kumar and Prabhakar Bhandari
View & Download | 116-127

19. In-vitro Screening of Barlaria accuminatafor its Antifeedant activity against Fall Armyworm (Spodoptera frugiperda (J.E. Smith)) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)
By - D. Mohan Kumar, Ajinkya Nimbalkar, Vinit Kamble and M.V. Santha Kumar
View & Download | 128-130

20. Anti-inflammatory Properties of some Active Components obtained from Plants
By - Debjani Sarkar
View & Download | 131-138

21. Role of Plant based Medicines in the Post-traumatic Stress Disorder
By - Mohd. Zahid Rizvi, Murtaza Abid and M. M. Abid Ali Khan
View & Download |

22. Genetic Diversity in Parental Lines of Hybrid Rice (Oryza sativa L.) by using SSR Markers
By - Nilesh V. More, Ishwar A. Patil, Shilpa G. Kawadgave, Pratiksha D. Katale, Tanushree B. Chitkalwar and Rahul. P. Bhagat
View & Download |

23. The Study of Cyanobacterial Flora from Jeori Thermal Spring, Himachal Pradesh, India – First Report

By - Vinay Kumar Singh
View & Download |

24. Relation between Chronic Sinusitis and Deviated Nasal Septum

By - Apurab Gupta, Krishanlal Gupta, Parmod Kalsotra and Kamal Kishore
View & Download |

25. Comparison of Graft Uptake between Temporalis Fascia, Tragal Perichondrium and Ear Lobe Fat
By - Apurab Gupta, Krishanlal Gupta, Parmod Kalsotra and Kamal Kishore
View & Download |

26. A Prospective Study on Epistaxis: Series of 60 Cases
By - Apurab Gupta, Krishanlal Gupta, Kamal Kishore and Parmod Kalsotra
View & Download |

27. Comparative Study of Serum Lipid Profile Levels in Normotensive and Hypertensive Pregnant Women in Third Trimester of Pregnancy
By - Anil Kumar, Apurab Gupta and Krishan Lal Gupta
View & Download |

28. Applications of Nanotechnology in Diagnosis of Plant Diseases
By - Mohd. Zahid Rizvi, Murtaza Abid and M.M. Abid Ali Khan
View & Download |

29. Impacts of Prosopis juliflora on Vegetation of Aravalli Hills of Ajmer (Rajasthan)
By - Tripti Gupta and Manoj Kumar Yadav
View & Download |

30. Isolation, Purification and 2-D NMR Studies of a Novel Hexasaccharide (Eutheriose) from Buffalo Milk
By - Lata Gangwar, Anish Kumar and Desh Deepak
View & Download |

31. Synthesis of Potentially active Pregnanes with Novel D-ring and C-17 Side Chain Derivatives
By - Lata Gangwar, Satish C. Pandey and Desh Deepak
View & Download |

32. Pharmacological Prospective and Health Benefits of Clandestine ‘True’ Cinnamon (Cinnamomum zeylanicum Nees.): A Systematic Review
By - Murtaza Abid, Prakash Narayan, Lakha Ram and Raaz K. Maheshwari
View & Download |

33. Effect of Leaf Extract of Ziziphus nummularia on Liver and Kidney of Swiss Albino Mice exposed to Dimethoate
By - Sabiha Khan and Sangita Sharma
View & Download |

34. Isolation and Structure Elucidation of Novel Pentasaccharide “Primose” from Cow Colostrum
By - Mayank Agnihotri, Shraddha Rathor and Desh Deepak
View & Download |

35. Chemical Investigation of Indigenous Drug (Alhagi pseudalhagi)
By - Bineeta Yadav
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36. Determination of Bio Concentration Factor of Chromium on Cyclops viridis and Diaptomus forbesi
By - Abdul Bari Khan, Kumari Sukshma, Praveen Priyadarshi, Ram Pravesh Rai, and Dhyanendra Kumar
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37. Synthetic and Spectroscopic Studies of Co(II) Complexes of Thiohydrazides and Pyridine Carboxylic Acid
By - Aradhana Verma
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38. An All-encompassing Phytopharmacological Narration on Most Versatile Therapeutically Enriched Climbing Shrub – Giloy/ Guduchi Tinospora crispa (Linn.) Mier ex Hook F. & Thorns (Menispermaceae)
By - Gargi Pachauri, Meenakshi Yadav, Nupur Chatterji, Bina Rani, Upma Singh, S.H.A. Kazmi, and Raaz K. Maheshwari
View & Download |

39. Therapeutic and Nutritional Applications of Wasabia japonica
By - Syed Nazeer Haider Zaidi, S.H.A. Kazmi, Syed Rais Haider and M.M. Abid Ali Khan
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