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   Current Issue

Journal of Biological and Chemical Research

ISSN 0970-4973 (Print) | ISSN 2319-3077 (Online/Electronic)
(Published by Society for Advancement of Sciences®)
Volume 36 (1) Part B, January to June, 2019
1. A Theoretical Investigation of Molecular Structure, HOMO-LUMO, Spectroscopic Properties (IR and UV/Visible), First Order Hyperpolarizability, NBO Analysis and Fukui Function Analysis of Series of Benzo[d]isoxazole Isomers: A HF, DFT and TD-DFT Study
By - Ashutosh Kumar, Anjali Pandey and Anil Mishra


2. Syzygium cumini Seed Powder as an Efficient Adsorbent for Removal of Dyes and Heavy Metal Ions from their Aqueous Medium
By - Ashok V. Borhade, Ranjana P. Bhadane and Abhishek S. Kale


3. Assessment of Physico-Chemical and Microbiological Parameters of Drinking Water and Determination of Water Quality Index (WQI) from Kolar reservoir, (M.P) India
By - Shrikant Gangwar, Kalpana Dave and Ashwani Wanganeo


4. Reaction of Cis-[Ru Br2 (DMSO)4] with some Aromatic Thioamides (RCSNHCOR') in presence of Nitrosyl Ligands and Pyridine
By - S.K. Singh and Pratibha Singh

5. Computation of Thermodynamic and Thermoacoustical Properties of Liquid Metal-Alloys Using Density and Ultrasonic Speed Data
By - Subhash Chandra Shrivastava, Shekhar Srivastava, Rupali Sethi and N. K. Soni


6. Synthesis, Characterization and Antimicrobial Evaluation of Zinc (II) Complexes of 4-((2s ubstitutedphenyl) imino)-2-(4-subsitutedphenyl)-4H-chromen-3-ol
By - Ashok Kumar Singh and Suresh Kumar Patel


7. Possible Role of Acetylcholinesterase in Insecticide Resistance of Major Lepidopteran Tea Pest, Buzura suppressaria Guenee from Darjeeling Foothills, India
By - Mayukh Sarker


8. Heavy Metal Accumulation in Groundwater Samples Collected Around Perungudi Dump Yard, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
By - Gopi Krishnan, J. Ranjitha, D. Magesh, M.C. John Milton


9. Identification of Phosphate Solubilizing Actinomycetes by using 16S- rDNA and its Impact on Growth of C4 – Plants (Maize Plants)
By - Kislay Kumari and A. K. Roy
View & Download | 100-109


10. Comparison of the Effect of Two Different Synthetic Acaricides on the Population Dynamics of Red Spider Mite (Oligonychus coffeae) in Two Different Tea Gardens of Terai Region, Darjeeling District, West Bengal, India
By - Saugata Ghosh, Satyajit Sarkar, Debjani Sarkar, Pabitra Saha, Akash Chowdhury and Mayukh Sarker
View & Download | 110-115


11. Development of Efficient Protocol for in vitro Mass Production of Seedlings of Dendrobium sonia: A Highly Important Ornamental Orchid
By - Sulagna Subhasmita Jena and Nihar Ranjan Nayak
View & Download | 116-121


12. Surveillance of Enteric Bacteria and their Spatial Pattern in Relation to Faecal Pollution in Lower Ganga at Bihar
By - Manish Kumar, Sunil K. Choudhary and Manish Chandra Varma
View & Download | 122-130


13. Study on Bacterial Community in Ponds
By - Uttam Kumar Maji and Kartik Maiti
View & Download | 131-137


14. Prevalence of Parasitic Diseases in Cattle at Sylhet Division of Bangladesh
By - Kazi Mehetazul Islam and Saiful Islam
View & Download | 138-144


15. The Effect of Water Extract of Turmeric (Curcuma domestica Val.) Leaf on Egg Production and Yolk Cholesterol Levels in Egg Laying Hens
By - N.G. P. S. Kirana, I M. Nuriyasa and I.G.N.G. Bidura
View & Download | 145-153

16. Comparative Study on Variations in Composition of Murashige and Skoog medium effects on Propagation and Multiplication of Asterella wallichiana (Lehm. et Lindenb.)
By - Mridula Maurya
View & Download | 154-159

17. Mizaj (Temperament) and Ajnas-e- Ashra (Determinants of Temperament) in Unani System of Medicine- A Review
By - Saba Zaidi
View & Download | 160-167

18. Growth, Physio-biochemical and Yield Responses of two Menthol Mint Cultivars to Eight Leaf-applied Plant Growth Regulators
By - Abbu Zaid and Firoz Mohammad
View & Download | 168-176

19. Synthesis, Optical and Spectral Characterization of ZnO Nanoparticles by using Moringa Oleifera, Murraya koenigii and Azadirachta indica leaf Extract
By - J. Umamaheswari, P. Ramanathan and V. Nadaraj
View & Download | 177-184

20. Studies on Physico-chemical parameters of Ganga, Sai and Bakulahi rivers water in Pratapgarh District (U.P.)
By - Durgesh Chandra Shukla and Anjali D’souza
View & Download | 185-195

21. Exotic Fruits and Veggies of UK State: Their Nutritive, Ethanobotanical, Nutraceutical and Therapeutic Mannerisms
By - Bina Rani, Upma Singh, Rajesh K. Yadav, Anju Sharma, Sukhraj Punar, Vikram S. Chauhan, M.M. Abid Ali Khan, Mohan Ram Inaniyan, Ashok K. Kakodia and Raaz K. Maheshwari
View & Download | 196-214

22. Facile Synthesis of Diosgenin Thiosalicylate its Spectroscopic Analysis Chemical Reactivity and Intramolecular Interaction by Quantum Chemical Calculations
By - Sangeeta Srivastava
View & Download | 215-224

23. Design of Reverse Micelle with Specific and Controllable pH Value of Polar Core Water: An Idea to Create pH Specific Nanodroplet of Water
By - Palash Setua
View & Download | 225-232

24. A Study of Etiological Factors, Management, and Complications of Atrophic Rhinitis
By - Apurab Gupta and Padam Singh
View & Download | 233-237

25. Comparison of Between Temporalis Fascia and Tragal perichondriumin Myringoplasty
By - Apurab Gupta and Parmod Kalsotra
View & Download | 238-244

26. Haematoma of Auricle: New Aspect of Management
By - Apurab Gupta
View & Download | 245-247

27. Effects of SiO2 Nanoparticles and Pochonia chlamydosporia in Mitigating the Biotic Stress Induced by Meloidogyne incognita on Cowpea and Study of some Improved Plant Agronomic Attributes
By - Atirah Tauseef, Mohd Danish and Hisamuddin
View & Download | 248-261

28. Study of Seedling Behavior of “Pisum sativum L.” Imposed by Lead (Pb) and Cobalt (Co) Induced Heavy Metal Stress
By - Ankan Singh, S.S. Khirwar and Rajneesh K. Agnihotri
View & Download | 262-276

29. Incredible Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis L.): An Updated Review of its Phytochemistry, Anti-inflammatory Activity, and Mechanisms of Action Involved

By Raaz K. Maheshwari, Bina Rani, Murtaza Abid, Upma Singh, Harsukh Chharang, Ravi Sharma and Lakha Ram
View & Download | 277-285

30. Effect of Kankar Lime Fly-Ash on Chlorophyll Content and Yield of Four Varieties of Mustard
By  Rakesh Kumar Pandey and S.K. Verma
View & Download | 286-288

31. Evaluation of Toxicity of Pesticide on Planktons
By Kumari Sukshma, Abdul Bari Khan and Dhyanendra Kumar
View & Download | 289-293

32. Isolation and Structure Elucidation of Novel Oligosaccharide Vediose from Bubalus bubalis Colostrum
By Meenakshi Singh, Kriti Chaurasia and Desh Deepak
View & Download | 294-304

33. Isolation and Structure Elucidation of a Novel Oligosaccharide Theriose from Buffalo Milk
By Anish Kumar, Lubna Jamal and Desh Deepak
View & Download | 305-313

34. Biological Importance of Milk: A Review
By Desh Deepak, Devina Sahai and Mayank Sharma
View & Download | 314-336

35. Variation in Chiasma Frequency: A Comparison of Effect of Gamma Rays and EMS on Pearl Millet
By Vivek Singh
View & Download | 337-341

36. Bio-Toilet to Bio-Gas to Bio-CNG way to Sanitization
By Jitendra Pal Singh
View & Download | 337-341

37. Differential Effects of Light Intensity Fluence on Growth, Pigments and Photosynthesis in the Cyanobacterium
Aphanothece stagnina under Cadmium Toxicity

By M.P.V. Vikram Singh
View & Download | 345-358

38. Seasonal variation and microhabitat distribution of Thaparocleidus clampai n. sp. (Monogenea; Dactylogyridae) on the gills of fresh water fish Mystus blekeeri.
By Pushpa Vishwakarma
View & Download | 359-366

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